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Do You Need Support?

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 08, 2014 5:22 am

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Welcome to Covenlink, I hope you enjoy your stay.

I do the "Administration Panel" of the Covenlink forum.

If you belong to a private group and need something that your Moderator can't help you with you can send me a "PM" (private message). 

If you have suggestions for the forum or notice errors in the general framework of the site, please let me know. I enjoy most forms of feedback.

You may contact me by sending me a PM:  Click Here To Send A PM To The Forum Admin.

Contact me about:
- Want to have your own public or private group on Covenlink?
- Do you have any suggestions for the RSS section?
- Is something out of place and needs to be deleted?
- Is a member being a problem?
- Would you like to host a workshop?
- Would you like to volunteer for a bit? We could always use the help.

About Covenlink:

  Covenlink originally started as a place for private forums. Administration duties are an unnecessary chore when all a community leader wanted was a place for their people to privately meet. There was nothing for the public to view and members were kept to their own section of the forum with only a chat room to possibly catch one another in. 

   In November of 2014, after deciding to attempt to make use of "Mobile Apps.", it was decided to open a public forum that allowed non-members the chance to keep their anonymity and "Troll" around and to see what kind of community fun would develop.  

   Shortly after it was suggested that other groups from around the web be given the opportunity to have their own public section on Covenlink since many popular social networking sites "groups" and "forums" are pretty lacking in quality and are socially strangled by over regulation. 

   One of the reasons we would like people public traffic to visit Covenlink would be to have a source of fresh content to browse during their free time. One of the main short term goals that are being developed is the "Streams of Awareness" section, which consists of a collection of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed that are automatically updated each time you view them.

   From time to time these feeds will be harvested and the results deposited into the corresponding sections within the "Streams of Awareness" area (news scrapes in the news section, music scrapes in the music section, videos in the video section, etc.). Visitors will be able to browse the results, and if they find something worth sharing, they can share their findings in the public forum or within their private groups.

   There is also the long term goal that currently loosely revolve around providing paying jobs to some of the forum participants that can put in the time, as well as the long term goal to have a collection of educational workshops to help members not only have a platform to educate from but a platform for participating members to gain real skills from.



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