To the Admins of groups on Facebook.

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To the Admins of groups on Facebook.

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 31, 2014 10:10 pm

This public announcement is directed to the Admins of groups on Facebook.
Please share this message with the Admins of the groups you are in.

Greetings, this is the forum Admin at If you would be interested in having either a public or private sub-section of your group, the forum here can set up a private section for you, including security permissions so only your members have access to your private forum. There is also a "public/private partnership" section where a public forum is set up for you. Your public forum will also be able to be viewed by non-member guests.

One of the major benefits of making use of this forum is that user content is easier to catalog and posts are more accessible to members, since everything can be categorized in a forum, while a Facebook group requires you to scroll down to the depths of the group to find previously posted material.  

Here is a link to the "Public/Private Partnership" section:

Both options are accessible using the Covenlink App for Android devices:

If you would like to set something up, send me a private message.


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