Covenlink on Static Colonies

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Covenlink on Static Colonies

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:52 am

Greetings, it has been a while since the last time there has been a Public Announcement.

Our activities on the website called "Facebook" has decreased, you have probably noticed.

It hasn't been a suitable environment for our activities for many years.

Communicating in private forums, such as this, without the communication limits imposed by the website called "Facebook" has been much more useful.

We have a new off-forum location on a website called "Static Colonies".

Visit Here:  Click Here To Visit Coven Link On Static Colonies

The website seems to offer some useful tools and interesting features.

Being "Environmentally Aware", the ocean cleanup activities of the sites "S.C.A.P.E" program also appeals to me and think it should be supported.

I've been given a list of requests from one of the Static Colonies webmasters after asking how Coven Link could help.

One of the requests was to ask our members if they would be interested in participating with the sites council programs.

The outline seems like an interesting proposal, but more time is needed to understand it and the details of what is involved.

That is all for this message.

--CovenLink Admin


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